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Partners and other transport and road safety organisations

New Zealand Transport Agency

New Zealand Transport Agency Education Portal

Ministry of Transport

Safekids Aotearoa

Accident Compensation Corporation

World Health Organisation

Local Government NZ

NZ Police

Students Against Dangerous Driving



Safer Journeys


Links to useful resources

These links are examples of the sorts of resources available for road safety and sustainable transport professionals. For ease of navigation we've grouped links by content focus.

Inclusion here does not imply SASTA endorsement.

Advertising and Marketing

NZ Transport Agency advertising guidelines

Social marketing guide for public health programme managers and practitioners

Best practice in road safety campaigns: a literature review

Behaviour Change

Changing Transportation Behaviors: A Social Marketing Planning Guide (PDF)

Using Behaviour Change Techniques: Guidance for the Road Safety Community

Understanding Voluntary Travel Behaviour Change

Young Driver Safety: A review of behaviour change techniques


Writing a Business Report (PDF)

Speaking in Public: Speech Delivery (PDF)

Dealing with the Media Toolbox


Fostering Sustainable Behaviour: Community-based Social Marketing

Developing Effective Citizen Engagement: A How to Guide for Community Leaders (PDF)

Community Based Toolkit for Road Safety Campaigns

Education Pedagogy

Getting it together: A Whole School Approach to Road Safety Education

NZTA Research on Road Safety Education

NZTA Good Practice in Road Safety

NZTA Road Map: Road Safety Resources for School Communities

The New Zealand Curriculum Online

Road Safety Education: A Guide for Early Years Settings and Schools Teaching Children 3 - 11 (PDF)

Emerging Technologies

Emerging vehicle safety technologies and their potential benefits: Discussion of expert opinions (PDF)

Advanced Technology and Road Safety (PDF)

Road Safety: Impact of New Technologies

Engineering Fundamentals

NZTA Safer Journeys for Schools

NZTA Speed Management resources

Speed Management: a Road Safety Manual for Decision Makers and Practitioners (PDF)

KiwiRAP: Risk maps, star ratings and performance tracking reports

NZTA Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide

NZTA Cycling network guidance

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides (2017 revision)

Is the Road There to Share? Shared Space in an Australian Context (PDF)

Injury Prevention

Road Traffic Injury Prevention Training Manual (PDF)

WHO: World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Youth and Road Safety in Europe (PDF)

WHO: Pedestrian Safety: A Road Safety Manual for Decision-Makers and Practitioners

WHO: Mobile Phone Use: A Growing Problem of Driver Distraction

Planning for Sustainable Travel

Raising the Profile of Walking and Cycling in New Zealand: A Guide for Decision Makers

Safer Journeys for People Who Cycle: Cycle Safety Panel Final Report and Recommendations (PDF)

Reclaiming the Walkable City (PDF)

Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World

Victoria Walks: A New Model for Creating Walk-Friendly Neighbourhoods and Cities (PDF)

Does Density Matter? The Role of Density in Creating Walkable Neighbourhoods (PDF)

Easy Steps: A toolkit for planning, designing and promoting safe walking

PRESTO Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode: Lessons Learnt in Five Different Cities (PDF)

PRESTO Cycling Policy Guide: Promotion of Cycling (PDF)

Project Management

Research and Evaluation

Road Safety

Travel Planning (School, Workplace, Personalised)

The Safe System

Embedding the Safe System Approach to Road Safety (PDF)

Safer Journeys Strategy 2010-2020

The New Zealand Road Code

Improving Safety and Mobility for Older Road Users in Australia and Japan (PDF)

Towards Zero: Ambitious Road Safety Targets and the Safe System Approach (PDF)


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